2017 Events

    • Saturday, September 30, 2017
    • Santa Cruz Harbor to Monterey
    MBX - Monterey Bay Crossing 25 miles
    Santa Cruz Harbor to Monterey

    Race formats

    • 6-man iron. Iron crews compete to beat Certified Course Records in six (6) divisions.
    • Every Oc6 iron crew that sets a new certified course record wins a cash prize!
    • 9-person dry change. Because of the cold water temperature, dry changes are required from inflatable rafts tethered to your escort boat. (limited availability)

    Divisions in each format

    • Men Traditional (400 lbs.)
    • Men Unlimited
    • Women Traditional (400 lbs.)
    • Women Unlimited
    • Coed Traditional (at least 3 women) (400 lbs.)
    • Coed Unlimited (at least 3 women)

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